Deal must work for businesses

While we have a proud industrial heritage, we must remember that the North East is still a region which makes and trades things with the rest of the world.

The European Union is negotiating a trade deal with the United States that has the potential to open up America to North East business, helping to grow our economy and create jobs.

But the deal has to be good for everyone for Labour MEPs to vote for it. It should exclude the NHS and other public services so they remain in public hands, ensure that workers’ rights and environmental standards go up and not down, and that there are not provisions which allow corporations to sue governments in secret international tribunals. If the deal isn’t good for business and good for people then we’ll vote against it.

Labour members of the European Parliament have been working constructively to make sure this trade deal is the best it can be for the North East and will continue to do so.

Jude Kirton-Darling MEP

Labour MEP for the North East