DISAPPOINTED: At inclusion

I refer to two letters disappointingly included in your letters’ page (Morpeth Herald, November 19).

Referring to Mr Bateman’s letter, my support for refugees and asylum seekers is a humanitarian gesture and I have not suggested that they should occupy the homes in the new developments around Morpeth.

We have no idea what either the Government or Northumberland County Council will do about resettling refugees in our area. If any refugees come to Morpeth, it would be a miniscule number and I would welcome them, while perhaps the rich developers making money out of our lovely town should actually offer a new home or two for them to live in.

However, what prompted me to write was that I find the phrase ‘refugees or other invaders’ absolutely abhorrent, and am surprised that the Herald has printed such an unnecessarily inflammatory statement without at least disowning it.

Turning to Dave Herne’s letter, it appears that he has only just decided that there should be no acceptance of a proposed reduction in affordable homes on the Bellway site at Loansdean.

I fully agree with him, but the reduction actually happened some months ago. I can only assume that Mr Herne, who is very keen to demonstrate his interest in planning, was not involved enough to follow events and therefore was unable to add his weight to the many objections that were submitted.

Mr Herne also needs to learn the difference between the various Government initiatives, re housing, such as Right to Buy and Help to Buy. There are none of the former available on development sites to the north of Morpeth, contrary to a quotation from him in a recent party political leaflet, and neither would anyone who understands Right to Buy ever think that there would be at this stage of development.

Care is needed when drafting an item for print, and care is also needed before going to print.

Joan Tebbutt