Do not be misled

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An open letter to all residents of Morpeth North Ward.

Can I please draw your attention to a ‘mistake’ made in a recent rather dull political publication, circulated by the local Liberal Democrat Group?

Mr Graeme Trotter is not a Morpeth Town Councillor and has not been for almost a year now.

The continuing seemingly almost subversive attempts of this political group, to claim credit for the things that are achieved by the council as a whole, I find both childish and destructive.

Once again and for the record, what natters is Morpeth, not the egos of a few individuals or a political party.

Their efforts should be viewed as divisive and misleading, aimed not at doing good for the town, but rather, furthering their own political aims.

Do not be misled.

Bob Robertson,

Independent Town Councillor,

Morpeth North Ward