Economy: Independence is key to trade

Guy Opperman MP, Conservative, Hexham, wrote: “We cannot build a strong UK unless we spread opportunity.” (Morpeth Herald, October 22)

But how is the Government’s Northern Powerhouse scheme going to provide the opportunity to be able to sell the manufactured products that the then highly educated and skilled people of the north will be making?

Putting it simply, an increase in national income (not internal turnover) can only be achieved through selling the skills of the people by selling products to customers overseas.

Turnover, ie selling and buying within the UK (GDP), cannot aid prosperity without a profitable income from overseas. We are unable to spend unless we are earning.

This raises another question: Are the trades unions interested in their members being able to compete with foreign and/or EU workers in order to make that income/profit possible?

Or is their only function that of obtaining ever increasing remuneration for their members whom we all employ in the public sector?

I have yet to hear of the Opposition in Parliament questioning the Government on the claim that the UK is earning satisfactorily.

Is Ian Lavery, our Wansbeck MP, happy with the employment situation in the constituency, and is he proud of his achievements in attracting exporting companies to locate here?

Has there ever been even a whisper of a worker/local investor buy-out of the Redcar steel plant, or any suggestion of considerable reduction of wages?

Throughout his working life, the writer, now 85, was paid a small retainer and a bonus percentage share of the profit of the department of his employer. ie, no profit, no food on the table.

Therefore the products he sold had to be competitive.

Does the same not apply to the sale of any basic manufactured commodity?

Therefore, when the world price of those products reduces due to over production, should the remuneration of the workers in that industry not be reduced proportionally?

As profit disappears so do those foreign investors that the Government is so keen on attracting.

The time has come for United Kingdom Independence to enable us to get a greater share of world markets, which is our only source of income, in order to pay for the welfare state, the NHS, etc.

Remember those wise words of the working lad who became the Conservative Prime Minister: “Back to Basics”.

Norman Bateman

Low Espley,Morpeth