EUROPE: Have courage to vote leave

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The evidence is very strong that leaving the EU is a very good idea.

Jobs, workers’ protection, trade, investments, secure funding for future projects, the NHS, and even our justice system will all be affected positively by leaving the EU membership.

We import far more from the EU then we export to it so the EU will actually lose out if it stops trading with us.

We pay £13billion per annum into the EU and receive £4billion back in subsidies. In addition to this payment, our EU cousins graciously allow us a £5billion subsidy after protracted negotiations with our politicians.

Here’s a suggestion. Leave the EU. Keep the £13billion (or £18billion) per annum and use that money to support this country’s industry, NHS, jobs, etc.

All we ever see are scare-mongering tactics from pro-EU politicians.

No person in this country has been allowed to vote for or against the European Union.

Please, have the courage to vote leave on June 23.

K Morris

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