Get a handle on reality

ON a recent visit to the beautiful town of Rothbury which I thought to be a stunning small town, also Longframlington, I returned to Morpeth.

I engaged a lady into conversation remarking that the Lloyds Bank was only open two days a week, she responded with ‘Well it isn’t Morpeth is it.’

This is not the first time I have heard this said. It is utterly silly and slightly pompous and I think people are deluded about the town.

I recently received my quarterly copy of Inside Morpeth, another mouthpiece for the town.

A local businesswoman was showing Morpeth in a positive light in a comparison with a suburb of Manchester which is run-down.

I think some people in this town should get a handle on reality.

This town, just like everywhere else in the country, is suffering from the economic downturn, there are several charity shops as well as empty shop fronts, the Queen’s Head is boarded up and the former Morrisons and Total are also.

Why some people have got this air of superiority about this town leaves me bemused to say the least. Maybe it takes the older generations to remember the way the town used to be, when the market used to be where the leisure centre currently is located, and it was a proper market, people used to flock here on Wednesday during the holidays and have picnics on the Stanners.

I take no pleasure in pointing these things out but people should not run down other towns in the county at the expense of a faded Morpeth.


Shields Road