HARVEST: Add smalls to produce gifts

Sunday, September 27, at 10 30am, is Harvest Thanksgiving at St George’s Church, Morpeth.

Everyone is invited to bring a gift of produce. Tinned food and dried food will be especially appreciated as it will be shared between the People’s Kitchen and the West End Refugee Service.

However, we are doing something a little different this year. Also, we are supporting ‘Smalls for All’, which is a charity that helps women and children in Africa to meet their most basic hygiene and security needs.

We invite you to buy a packet of ladies’ or children’s pants. They must be new and size wise for children aged three to 15, or ladies’ size eight to 16. Bring them along on Sunday, September 27.

Smalls for All (www.smallsforall.org) was launched in 2009 by Maria Macnamara after she read an article about the many problems that women and children in Zimbabwe faced due to not having any underwear. The charity helps thousands of women and children in poorer areas of Africa and those with medical conditions like fistula. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as providing underwear can help. But it really does make a huge difference.

The Rev Ron Forster

St George’s Church