Importance of eye tests

I READ with interest (Herald, March 6) the article on the new partnership between the Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and local opticians on the testing for glaucoma.

Having an eye examination at least once every two years should be part of everyone’s health care routine.

Many cases of sight loss are preventable if they are caught early by visiting an optometrist.

It is rare for eye conditions to cause pain and sometimes the changes to your sight can be difficult to notice.

Some eye conditions which can cause loss of sight like glaucoma don’t cause any symptoms – you can’t tell you have them. An eye test can detect eye conditions early which means you can get treatment before your sight is badly affected.

Eye examinations are quick and painless and for some people they are free.

Any changes you notice in your vision should be checked immediately. So don’t put off.


Northumberland Low

Vision Action Group