Impromptu experiment a good sign

AS a founder member of the Lights Out Campaign, I’d like to say that I’m utterly delighted and feel that we are totally vindicated in our efforts to bring a bit of sanity to the traffic management of central Morpeth.

For almost 16 months now, Lights Out has been determinedly promoting the message of a significant section of the local community, that the Telford Bridge traffic lights represent a major backward step in the amenity of this town.

On Friday night, an as yet unknown vehicle effectively disabled the lights at the junction.

The result was immediate and dramatic.

The now-familiar queues disappeared as if by magic, traffic flowed smoothly and no one blew their horns or swore at each other.

No one even found it necessary to drive on the pavement, while it is acknowledged that the disabled junction is not without its hazards for pedestrians and that for this reason alone the lights have to go back on in the short-term.

It is both anticipated and expected that the replacement of the lights with a roundabout for a significant trial period, will take place in October.

Isn’t it a great pity that the impromptu trial that we have just had the pleasure of witnessing could not have taken place shortly after the second public meeting all those months ago, when we stood up and asked for it, only to be told that it wouldn’t work?

Roll on October and a return to sanity, it’s time Morpeth got back to work.


Lights Out Team