Invitation to participate

FURTHER to the editorial in last week’s Herald, I agree that the only way to stop builders circling the town with inappropriate developments is to progress the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan (MNP) to completion as quickly as possible.

While some potential sites to both the north and south of the town are controversial, it remains a fact, as established by Bellway’s representatives at the Loansdean appeal, that 71 per cent of the houses in Morpeth are situated south of the river, with only 29 per cent to the north.

This shows starkly the imbalance of the town, with the consequent traffic pressures on the Telford Bridge.

The MNP topic groups are tackling the difficult challenge to understand all the pros, cons, issues and options open to the town on future development.

A ‘20-something Town Planning graduate’ dropped off a letter on this subject at my house.

I would appreciate it if he would get in touch again, and this time leave contact details so that I can provide answers to his questions.

I also invite him to volunteer to become involved in the MNP Housing Topic Group, and use his skills to contribute to the process.

He would be most welcome to participate, as the younger generation is under-represented, and this is their chance to help plan the future of our town.


Southgate Wood