LEADER: Jeremy Corbyn is no Attlee

I suspect I am not alone in failing to join our MP’s joy in the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Lavery claims that under Mr Corbyn “things can only get better”, (thought that was New Labour’s anthem, but never mind), and that he is a “driving force for change”. (Morpeth Herald, September 17)

Things appear to have certainly ‘got better’ for the Conservative Party as with just under five years to go till the next general election, bookmakers have established them as one-to-three to win.

As for Mr Corbyn’s drive for political change, he has certainly succeeded — by alienating the vast majority of Labour MPs, who along with former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, are horrified at the result. It must surely rank as a first when the majority of senior figures in a political party have shown a mass reluctance to serve in a shadow cabinet.

Mr Lavery compares Mr Corbyn’s spending policies with the former Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee, although it could be argued that Mr Attlee’s expenditure of assets into public services after the war would have been better directed into supporting the private sector, as per the current Government.

However, leaving Mr Attlee’s political judgement on this issue aside, he was a true patriot, who served with distinction during the First World War, supported the monarchy, and stood side by side with Britain’s allies in the formation of NATO. He must rank alongside Margaret Thatcher as the two peacetime Prime Ministers whom all others are judged against.

Mr Corbyn has compared USA military intervention in the Middle East with Islamic terrorists (after the Second World War the Attlee Government considered US Marshall Aid as a Godsend). I don’t know how Corbyn would fare if a similar emergency required aid from our cousins over the pond. He is anti-monarchy and is no fan of the military.

I suspect Clement Attlee is not turning in his grave, but spinning in it when viewing the current extreme, left wing, crew who have taken over Labour.

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