Let’s all stick to the rules

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THIS morning, walking to work, I was waiting to cross the road at the end of Newgate Street, the lights were green, and the red man was shown, but a driver ‘helpfully’ stopped as there was nothing coming the other way.

I hesitated momentarily, so off he/she went.

The next driver did the same, again I hesitated but was walking across just as the car started to move.

I made a polite gesture meaning ‘what is going on?’ and a helpful man, talking as if to a halfwit, said: “The lights are green, love”, pointing.

As I write this, I realise I should have just stood until the green man showed, regardless of the stopping/starting, but drivers, in this situation, just as when you flash to let others go first at a junction etc, wouldn’t it be better (and safer) if we all just followed the rules?


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