Library: The price of prime land

Andrew Brunt is surely being disingenuous in defending the fitness for purpose of Morpeth Library (Morpeth Herald, January 28).

The purpose for which contemporary public libraries need to be fit is to shrink – if not to disappear altogether then at least to diminish to a size which will allow them to be squeezed into cupboards under the stairs, or shoe-horned into leisure centre corridors.

This is so the land they currently occupy can be sold to make way for ‘landmark’ retail shed developments of no architectural merit, staring balefully and unblinkingly at us all across prairies of featureless Tarmac.

None of us can stand in the way of progress, Mr Brunt.

On the stretch of riverside land in question, the supported housing bungalows have long been vacated and the Willows and Beechfields buildings allowed to rot beyond repair. Only the library remains, clinging like an anachronistic literary limpet.

What the generation who built such a large, well resourced and professionally staffed public library on such prime development land were thinking, who can tell?

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