NAMING: Make sure it is relevant

What’s in a name? Not a lot it seems, if the latest Ponteland developments are examined.

There is a development of detached houses built this year on the site of the former Care Village, next to Northumbria Police headquarters, on the outskirts of Ponteland.

The road leads on to Kirkley.

The development by a well-known local builder is called Jameson Fields.

When asked why it was so named, the reply from the salesman, after consulting his phone, was that ‘Mr Jameson founded the Ponteland Cricket Club at Berwick Hill in 1875’.

Well, the houses are miles from Berwick Hill, James Jameson was a young lad of six-years-old at that date, and the cricket field was behind Eland Green farm.

Now, we have a huge care home and associated housing, due to open shortly, as trailed in last week’s Morpeth Herald.

The computer generated picture is the view of the interior. The outside is quite different and abuts the public footpath.

It is on the site of the former auction mart and named, very pretentiously, Royal Hampton.

What local associations there are with either Royal or Hampton is not explained, and cannot be as there are none.

There are plenty of more appropriate local names. The town council gave some ideas.

Is approval for names of developments or streets needed from any authority?

Ponteland had a recent aversion to using names of local people, but just read the names as you enter Ponteland — Bell Villas, named after Sir Matthew Bell, MP, and Cecil Court, named after Cecil Yuill, founder of the building firm who built the block.

Let’s have local connections, but like these mentioned, let’s have accuracy and relevance, and a relationship to the local surroundings.

Muriel Sobo

By email.