Objections overtake houses

THE proposal for a huge new housing estate at Stobhill roundabout has more objections than houses.

One fundamental issue in particular has been as obvious to local residents as the absurd decision to install traffic lights at the Telford Bridge roundabout and, similarly, relates to traffic.

Those of us keeping a close eye on the application have followed with amusement the farce that the applicant has made of trying to demonstrate that the traffic from nearly 400 new houses would not have an unacceptable impact on the highways network.

A network that is already at breaking point at peak times.

Since the application was submitted in August 2013, two different traffic consultants have not been able to create a computer model for the developer that says that these proposals are acceptable.

On January 30, 2014, the council’s highways officers once again issued an objection to the application, citing dozens of issues as well as the lack of such a model.

With the application due to be heard at a planning committee meeting on February 20, it is finally time for the council to say enough is enough and refuse permission for this ill-conceived attempt at an abuse of a timed-out Local Plan.

This would be a long overdue victory for common sense over the greed of an opportunistic developer who has no interest in the long term, sustainable growth of Morpeth town.

While the terrible traffic lights decision proved reversible, knocking down nearly 400 houses and returning the land to green fields is not so easy.

Morpeth cannot afford for the council to make a mistake this time.


Morpeth Conservatives