Open up your minds to possibilites

Why is it every time I see an application for a late licence in Morpeth town centre it is seemingly treated as some sort of horror story?

I bring attention to the most recent article relating to the application for a 2am licence at the site of Chambers, Bridge Street (Morpeth Herald, January 23).

Once again Councillor David Clark is ever-present at the forefront of the opposition stating ‘it is not on’ and it is apparently ‘frightening the life out of the residents of Morpeth’.

Can we all just take one moment to appreciate what a massive, fruitful, night-time economy Morpeth has, and while it has taken a hit over recent years, due to a variety of different factors, the number of people that have, and could gain, employment as a result of new investment is much needed – especially the younger generations.

Late licensed venues have brought millions of pounds to the local economy over the past few years.

While I’m aware it doesn’t fit with some people’s idealistic views of Morpeth, perhaps as a quaint historic Northumberland town, properly managed and operated licensed venues are a fantastic asset to the area, and as such, should not be treated like an onset of the plague.

Coun David Clark, instead of employing Daily Mail-style scare tactics, please open up your mind, even just a little bit, to the possibility that such moves could be great for the town and its residents.