OPENCAST: Site is not just a local jewel

You reported on the Save Druridge Campaign and support from the Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, (Morpeth Herald, February 4).

We see with no surprise that Coun Scott Dickinson thinks the mining proposal is purely a local matter for the residents of Cresswell to decide.

Indeed, Druridge Bay is a local issue, but it is also a regional issue affecting residents, tourists and tourism businesses. It is a national issue, and an issue for the future of us all on the planet because fossil fuels must stay in the ground if this planet is to remain habitable by our children and our children’s children.

In fact, it is far too important to be decided by the local community alone. That’s like saying a decision on Trident missiles should be made by shipbuilders in Barrow.

Of course it is a ‘political’ matter — it is about the sort of world we want to live in.

The Green Party supports jobs, and there are jobs to be created in alternative energy and in energy conservation, which will help to build a better future, instead of jobs which destroy our environment.

There are also jobs here and now in conservation and in tourism that could be lost if opencast mining at Druridge goes ahead.

Druridge is part of a local, regional and national jewel, and is of vital importance to everyone. It is a shame that Coun Dickinson has such a small and narrow view of the issue.

Peter Fuller

Wansbeck Green Party