Anger about car parking.
Anger about car parking.

Overlap does pose a problem

As a motorcyclist living in Morpeth I read your report, ‘Anger over checks to vehicle in car park’, with some interest.

Anger about car parking.

Anger about car parking.

I have taken photographs of my motorcycle in that bay in the hope that it demonstrates the challenges that motorcyclists experience when a vehicle overlaps a motorcycle bay.

For both photographs I drove my bike as close to the hedge as I could.

The car was parked in two positions, one correctly in the adjacent bay and the other with the car overlapping the bay.

Most motorcycles these days have only a side stand, usually on the left.

When on the side stand the machine leans to the left and dismounting can only be done to the left.

If a car overlaps a bay it is extremely difficult to step off and safely walk round the panniers or the handlebars.

Reversing in would have put my machine right up against the car and I would have been getting off into the hedge.

The other photograph shows how easy it is when cars are parked correctly.

I just want to ask motorists to park correctly.

We, too, get tickets if we park badly or fail to display a parking disc in a car bay (a way of displaying a disc securely on a motorcycle has yet to be found).

This means we have to park where we can, which usually means pavements, or in the Market Place, or in front of the Clock Tower. None of these places is ideal.

Morpeth has very few motorcycles bays. I counted two last Sunday and one of those is adjacent to a glass recycling centre, not the best place to put any vehicle.

Many weekend bikers stop off in Morpeth for a walk round the town and a drink, and finding somewhere to park is a problem.

Mark Horton

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