Parking must be managed properly

RE: Free car parking in Morpeth.

I am writing on behalf of The Fluid Group. Our company owns and operates two businesses at Sanderson Arcade and we have had the pleasure of working in the town since the centre first opened in 2009, first at Central Bean and later with the addition of the Barluga restaurant.

Like most of the other retailers we speak to we are 100 per cent behind the introduction of free parking in the town. We know from our customers that this is something they want and the town will certainly benefit.

But, for the shops, cafes and other businesses in the town to benefit from free parking it needs to be managed properly.

Any new system needs to ensure that the short-stay car parks are used properly for shoppers and visitors and that staff working in town make use of the long-stay car parks.

We have not so far entered into the public debate about the disc system and other ideas such as ANPR.

Both systems certainly seem to have their critics and a decision needs to be made.

Ours and other businesses have real reservations about the disc system and we understand that people have concerns about ANPR – so if these are not going to be workable or acceptable can we please look at other sensible solutions to delivering something that everyone I speak to seems to agree is going to be a great thing for the town.


Fluid Group