Pavements are major problem

THE saga of the traffic lights promises to run and run and a great deal of anger as well as apathy has been generated over a long time now.

However, it seems to me on a daily basis as I go about my daily life in Morpeth town centre that a greater, much more hazardous and unsightly problem lies literally beneath our feet – the state of the pavements almost everywhere.

Wherever you walk in the town centre, just notice how many of the pavement slabs are cracked and how many have been so badly laid in the first place that there is rarely a level surface from one slab to the next.

We can sympathise with the residents of Lancaster Park over the state of the pathways there and we can support the plea over pavement blockages from Northumberland Low Vision Action Group but it is high time Northumberland County Council got to grips with the basic problem.

Laying and relaying pavements does not come cheap but if the council voted to re-lay, say, 1,000 slabs a year and continue annually until the task is done, pedestrian safety and the town’s general appearance would benefit greatly.