PLANS: Residents not considered

I refer to a leaflet distributed to Morpeth residents last week by Mitford Estates advertising its proposal to develop land north and west of Lancaster Park.

The leaflet states that this development includes:

A range of 280 modern homes, including up to 84 ‘affordable homes’;

Around 185 new jobs, mostly full- time and some part-time;

A petrol station, 60-bed hotel and pub or restaurant;

Premises for new businesses — including retail, hot food and drink and office space;

And extensive countryside park with new wildlife habitats.

Firstly, this proposed development is on Greenbelt and safeguarded land, and is outside the ‘settlement boundary’ indicated in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Secondly, it seems that no consideration has been given to residents of Lancaster Park, who now face having a commercial area in their back gardens.

It could also take trade away from the centre of Morpeth, where there is already a hotel ripe for development and quite a few empty retail premises — surely these should be developed before any new ones are introduced.

Mitford Estates also says the country park will give residents a new green space to enjoy and provide new habitats for wildlife.

However, it allows shoots to take place, which surely disturb the wildlife.

As these people seem to show little regard for disturbing the wildlife, or the people of Lancaster Park, then who is to say they will act any differently when the proposed houses are built?

And although it says: “The new country park will give residents from across the local area a new green space to enjoy”, my advice would be to check with Mitford Estates first, there may be a shoot in progress.

S and J Lockyer,

Pinewood Drive,