Praise for lecture

Well done to the organisers of this year’s Rowland Bibby Memorial lecture for giving Raymond Reed the opportunity to talk about the Northumbrian dialect.

Anyone who has seen him talk at local cultural events, never mind the numerous people who know Raymond Reed personally will all be aware of his expertise and passion for the subject. So hopefully the organisers of the lecture will consider the best option of giving people who can’t attend the lecture, the best means of reading Raymond’s thoughts on the subject ie, how to make the speech accessible on the internet.

* Given the building’s proximity to The Chantry and the fact that it has retained its positive quality when other similar buildings in Morpeth have lost theirs, it was good to see the people in charge of Bin21 encourage such positive building work at their premises in Bridge Street, showing that it is possible to bring a building up to the requirements its owners have for 2013, yet to do it in a tasteful manner which respects the building and its location. We will see if the work done on the Yorkshire Trading Company shop is of a similar quality, as the shop is surely due to be open in the near future. It is easy to moan when shop frontages don’t look right in the town,but it is important to acknowledge when things are done well in the town.

* On a bus to Alnwick recently, I heard two 16-year-olds talk about their respective daily routines. One was full-time at school, the other juggled a college-based catering course and a catering job in the real world. One was focussing on university and the other was adjusting to life in the real world. He, the catering student, hadn’t enjoyed life at school too much, but was putting all of his efforts into building a catering career and his future, despite plainly feeling that he hadn’t achieved as much as he could have done at school. School teachers have been familiar with working in an ever-changing environment for decades. This situation is unlikely to change so the challenge to meet the needs and aspirations of young people of a wide range of academic abilities will remain.


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