Prefer to see doctor

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GIVEN the stressful lives GPs have, they will need their leisure time away from work with their friends and family in order to help them deal with the day-to-day pressure.

However, if a GP asked one of his or her patients to choose between having access to a GP at your local practice at night against relying on the local A&E or telephone helpline I don’t think the GP would be surprised if the patient preferred to deal with someone they knew over a health matter.

Oh it’s wishful thinking that the clock will be turned back by the health service, as the vision of service delivery has to focus on the big issues which may not include the feelings of someone who is unwell, at the wrong time of the week, with a problem that the GP could help with more than someone in A&E.

Ultimately, though, when you’re in pain, you go where you need to get the pain dealt with, as you take the best choice open to you.


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