PROPERTY: Good news if prices fall

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It must be good news that the EU referendum result is likely to cause a reduction in house values.

Only builders, property speculators, and estate agents may be worse off.

Are houses not intended to provide that for which they are usually bought or rented, ie shelter from the weather and a home?

The people of London voted Remain.

Was the reason, because the value of their homes would be maintained if Britain remained an EU member?

Does the money that is tied up make them happier than their poor relations of the North East?

My house was built to be lived in and not so the occupier was able to tell “the folks down the pub” that he could sell it for £XXXX more than it cost.

Would that occupier prefer to live in a hovel in order to have funds in a current account earning almost nothing?

Lower house prices equate to more happier people, especially first time buyers.

Is there not more to life than watching our homes disappear into a heap of cash?

Norman Bateman

Low Espley