REFERENDUM: Vote yes to put Plan in place

Thursday, February 25 is a crucial day for the future of Morpeth and surrounding villages because residents have the opportunity to vote on whether the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan will be used to guide future planning decisions.

The Plan has been prepared by elected representatives and volunteers to represent the views of residents of Morpeth, Hebron, Hepscott, Mitford and Pegswood about where new development should be permitted.

It also contains actions that would be taken forward by the town and parish councils to improve our communities and environment.

Preparing the Plan has been a complex and lengthy consultative process. A ‘yes’ vote is the final piece in the jigsaw to get it in place.

Our area has been besieged by unwanted development. The Plan sets out the locations for future development, taking account of the views of residents.

If you are eligible to vote, have a look at the Plan document on the county council and Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan websites, and use your vote.

It’s our Neighbourhood Plan so let’s give it a resounding ‘yes’ vote.

Alan Jones