Relations damaged

I would like to reply to and once again correct the inaccurate points made by Ken Brown in his recent letter to the Herald.

The comments I made, which were referred to by Coun Brown, were made at a Chamber of Trade general meeting with the press in attendance. These were my thoughts and my opinions said as an ordinary member of the Chamber of Trade as clearly stated in the Herald, not as a Chamber spokesperson. My comments were derived from my opinion that the local Lib Dem party have done more to harm the economy of Morpeth than any other factor, including the recession.

If Coun Brown and his colleagues need examples of this, I am more than happy to publicise them.

The Chamber of Trade is absolutely non-political.

The Chamber will support any policy or suggestion from whatever source, if it feels it will benefit Morpeth.

At the present time, the Chamber is working with all parties to ensure the smooth and successful introduction of free car parking.

At the elections in May, the Chamber highlighted and praised both the Labour Party and Conservatives for their manifesto promise to introduce free car parking.

This to Coun Brown and his Lib Dem colleagues was the chamber being political.

Coun Brown now wants everyone to be non-political and to work together, which everyone with common sense would agree that this is the only way forward. But, to work together you have to gain trust.

Unfortunately, Coun Brown’s actions, emails and comments from the time of the election and subsequently have damaged relations between some Chamber members and the Lib Dems.

Also, Ken Brown says that we should all be celebrating the removal of parking charges.

Surely, he should be talking to his own party as all its members, even to this day, are still against free parking or equality in parking in Morpeth.

Whenever I speak up, whether it be a Morpeth resident, Chamber of Trade member, or Conservative spokesman for Stobhill, the one common denominator will be that I am standing up for Morpeth.

Sadly, something the Lib Dems consistently fail to do.


A Morpethian