Report any pavement blockages

GUIDE Dogs for the blind and the RNIB have a mission for all people who are blind or partially-sighted to have the same freedom of movement and mobility as everyone else.

Blind people have problems with wheelie bins, overhanging branches, vehicles on pavements.

But in Morpeth the problem is compounded by advertising boards on the town’s pavements.

Recently Northumberland Low Vision Action Group carried out a survey on the three main shopping streets in Morpeth.

Would you believe we counted over 90 boards, 10 of which were positively dangerous?

They are not only obstacles for the blind and partially-sighted but for mothers with prams, wheelchair users, people with mobility aids

Can I urge everyone who encounters a problem to report it to Northumberland County Council on 08456006400 and ask for Pavement Obstructions?