Report bad developer behaviour

I was astounded, but not entirely surprised, by the comment from Chris Curry of Persimmon Homes North East as reported in the Herald on February 20.

He had the audacity to state that ‘the highway in general outside the Castle Court development was already in a poor state of repair and riddled with cracks’ when they started to build the new development at The Kylins.

Residents of The Kylins had to pay to have the roads and pavements bought up to adoption standard and the roads were adopted by the County Council before building work commenced at Loansdean Wood.

The only damage to the road was caused by patching due to the road being dug up to enable various services to be connected or upgraded to facilitate the new development.

From the very start residents have had a dreadful and lengthy experience at the hands of Persimmon.

This includes having fork lift vehicles dashing out of the site in front of residents’ vehicles; heavily loaded lorries, tracked vehicles and huge cranes using the road and breaking the surface from day one; persistent noise from vehicles backing up and bleeping their warnings; and most recently, a heavy lorry loaded with concrete slabs pulling up outside one home on The Kylins Road for an all night stop before delivering the load on site.

The developer was not supposed to use The Kylins road as part of their site, but they have done so.

All residents of Morpeth need to be aware of the disdain with which local residents have been treated by this developer and, as Morpeth inevitably expands, they should take photographs, including vehicle registration numbers and report bad developer behaviour.

Furthermore, the development is not officially known as Castle Court, as the approved name for the development is Loansdean Wood.

Some of the new residents there have spent money on new address notifications, only to have to repeat the exercise when they discovered their actual address.


The Kylins,