ROADS: Purpose is for development


Purpose is for development

I would invite a representative from Northumberland County Council to explain to the council tax payers of Morpeth why it has used part of our money to fund the new link road at Fairmoor, and not gone to the housebuilder for a continuation instead.

I will not be the only resident to be aware that the only reason for this road is to open a huge area of land for future building, despite the council’s fanfare announcement that is going to be the saviour of Ashington and reduce traffic into Morpeth.

If anyone doubts this then why is all of the available land leading up to, and beyond the road, together with the land leading to Whorral Bank, owned by building companies?

I wrote to the Herald some years ago stating the same after seeing a council drawing of the proposed size of the building in this area. It was of a scale around two thirds larger than the town and housing estates as it now stands.

It was widely accepted that the A1 bypass was put in the wrong place as it did nothing to reduce traffic from the east of the county, getting access to the A1 without having to come through Morpeth.

I would question the logic of why anyone would use this new link road when they can use the Spine Road. I accept there will be traffic wishing to go north, but spending £30million to facilitate this is ridiculous.

As always, the answer to traffic getting onto the A1 without coming into Morpeth is already there. The east-west link road from Stobhill roundabout, past County Hall to Loansdean, would have achieved this at much less cost and with a much better result. The council could even have got the developer at the Stobhill end to pitch in with a contribution.

But I forget, it was claimed that all the extra traffic would only mean seconds longer getting into Morpeth once the development was finished.

The fact is there is no planning gain for this east-west road, despite what would be an enormous gain in the ease of access to the A1 via Clifton.

But then again, when the traffic grinds to a halt you will no doubt see the council raising the spectre of a link road from Allery Banks to Tommy’s Field so there can be building on Parish Haugh.

I would like to think that it is only incompetence on behalf of the council, but sometimes I wonder.

Finally, when is the council going to remove the hidden traffic island at the site of the much loved, but now removed, traffic lights at Telford Bridge and repair the road so your teeth fillings don’t fall out every time you go over it?

No doubt there will be no response to this letter because it seems the thing the council does to any criticism is just pretend it didn’t happen and hope it goes away.

S Lamb

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