SEARCH: Do you know POW escapee?

My father, whose name was Joseph (Joe) Roberts, was a prisoner of war in Novara, Italy, after being captured by the German army somewhere in North Africa — Egypt we believe — in the Second World War.

Africa — Egypt we believe — in the Second World War.

He was serving with the Northumberland Hussars, but he came from Powys, Wales.

In 1944 he managed to escape with a fellow prisoner and they made their way over the border to Switzerland. We believe the man came from Northumberland, but are not certain of that. They kept in contact for a few years afterwards, but then lost touch.

Unfortunately, we do not remember what the man’s name was so if you think that this man could be a relative of yours, and you know more about their story, I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me.

You can email me at or write to the address below.

Wendy Roberts

29 Moor Meadow