Shed light on the situation

THERE has been talk of Northumberland County Council intending to reduce street lighting to part-time or turn some street lights off at night altogether.

They’re intending to cut off street lights in rural places like Rothbury, Longhorsley and Longframlington and leave the street lights in big places like Alnwick, Ashington and Blyth unaffected.

They’re going to leave the lights in the places with higher crime rates, such as Ashington and Blyth and turn off or make part-time the lights in rural places such as Longhorsley, Whittingham, etc.

Sometimes, I approach Longhorsley when it’s dark and if that place had no street lighting, it would be a bigger target for crime.

Don’t forget, rural places also have elderly residents who wouldn’t see where they’re walking at nights.

If the council wants to turn off street lights, experiment the idea in Blyth for six months or a year.


Simonside View, Rothbury