Sign our petition to preserve County Hall

No doubt you recently became aware that the Northumberland County Council Administration is proposing to dispose of County Hall and re-locate the County Council staff to various locations across the county.

If this proposal is implemented it will put the emerging Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan at risk and threaten the economy of Morpeth.

Morpeth Town Council has recently discussed the matter and unanimously resolved to request the County Council:

1. To publish all existing evidence showing that the closure of County Hall is in the best interests of the residents of Morpeth and of Northumberland

2. Undertake, in conjunction with key stakeholders, a full business case assessment of the closure of County Hall and the disposal of the site

3. Include the County Hall site in the County Council’s emerging Core Strategy, so that public will have a complete picture of all possible significant sites for development in the Morpeth area

4. Meet with Morpeth Town Council to discuss the effects of the proposal on the local economy and ways of mitigating the negative economic impact on the Town’s economy

5. Enter into urgent discussions with the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to show how the County Council proposes to deliver its statutory duty to facilitate the Plan.

The Town Council also resolved to invite the general public to show their support for the Town Council’s action by adding their names to an online petition, which is located on the County Council website. About 250 people have already done so. Why don’t you consider joining them?

The petition will be considered by the County Council’s Petitions Committee in a few months’ time and when this happens the Town Council will be able, when presenting the petition, to put its case to the Committee.

If you are minded to add your name you can do so by accessing the County Council website



Finance and General Purposes Committee

Morpeth Town Council