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May I bring to your attention my government petition relating to automatic number plate recognition systems in NHS hospital car parks.

Many NHS hospital car parks have, or are about to adopt, this car parking system which costs nothing to install, the hospitals keep the money from the pay-machines and the contractor keeps the ‘fines’, so it is in the contractors’ interest not to maintain the machines, or cover them, and say no payment has been made, when there has been no opportunity to make a cash payment. The get a ticket at the barrier and pay when ready to leave, for the exact amount of time used, is a fairer system, but many of these camera systems expect a person to remember the time of arrival, and leave, when they are often in a stressed situation, resulting in over-payment or heavy ‘fines’.

When people visit hospitals they usually do so for treatment, for appointments or visiting family and friends. Confidentiality and privacy should always be paramount on hospital premises, especially if a person is there for a sensitive reason and does not want their privacy invaded by the contractors who operate these camera systems. Please sign the petition at


Burton upon Trent