Simple sums needed here

IT is a matter of public record that Morpeth Town Council supports the introduction of disc controlled parking, at no charge to the user.

Had your correspondent John Beynon (February 20, edition) succeeded in managing some primary arithmetic, he would have realised that out of a council of 15 members, at least eight must have been in favour.

That means at least two of the Lib Dem councillors must have been in favour, which is quite different from the assertion that none are.

In point of fact, the vote was unanimous.

All Lib Dems present voted in favour of the removal of parking charges.

All councillors on the Town Council’s Car Parking Working Group, including Lib Dems, agreed the draft policy that was subsequently agreed unanimously by full council.

In all deliberations over the future of car parking in Morpeth, there has been consistent cross-party agreement, led most ably by the chair of the Car Parking Working Group, Ken Brown.

To pretend that there have not been points of disagreement in the process would be fatuous, but all councillors have worked together without party-political consideration for the good of the town.

Throughout the process of formulating a policy, both stakeholders and the general public were given every opportunity to contribute views to the working party.

In particular, the chairman was at some pains to consult with the Chamber of Trade, whose policy has long been to introduce disc controlled parking.

In his assertion that Liberal Democrat councillors have harmed the economy of Morpeth, Mr Beynon needs to be reminded that it was a Lib Dem led council which helped to set up the Town Team and to make a bid for Portas money to support the same economy.

That your correspondent wishes to politicise the issue of car parking at town level is reprehensible.

His assertions about Lib Dem town councillors are patently wrong, and can only be put down to self-delusion, or a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.