Slow down to speed up

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In his letter to the Herald on March 7, Paul Walker claimed that many drivers could equally well use public transport or even cycle to and from work.

Paul makes a valid point. However, I fear he has an uphill struggle trying to persuade most people to change their habits, especially those of us who live miles out in the surrounding countryside with little or no public transport.

What might be more effective in the short-term, especially if there is to be a trial period without the lights, would be a high-profile campaign to persuade drivers to show courtesy and consideration to others as they drive through the town.

It only takes seconds to allow a car out into the flow of traffic, but stationary cars block others and traffic jams soon form.

If you watch traffic approaching roundabouts you will quickly see the full range of driver behaviour.

Most are willing to wait their turn, but queues build up because others rush into roundabouts at speed, intimidating those waiting patiently to enter them,which, I suspect, is why the lights were introduced in the first place.

The way to prove that the lights are unnecessary is for drivers to show consideration and courtesy.

Morpeth is not Paris, Rome or Bangkok.

There is no need for aggressive driving or impatience.

If we all slow down, the traffic will speed up. It is just common sense.