Spare a thought for others

The hour has changed, spring is here, time to try and increase our exercise levels, get children playing on scooters and bikes and generally enjoy the extra daylight.

Except if you live in one of Morpeth’s residential areas where the pavements are beset by two problems.

The first are the bushes and trees that have been allowed to grow over the edge of gardens/property.

These may look delightful from the house windows but the overhanging scratchy and wispy branches are unpleasant after rain and a physical danger not only to coats and eyes but potential nightmares for those with visual or mobility impairment.

This is the time to cut back, before the new growth. It will not change your outlook but this small courtesy would really help the passer by. Please.

The second is the increasing belief by able-bodied car owners that the pavement is part of their personal parking area and not, unfortunately, just a local issue.

It is sadly not unusual to have to go into the road to get past these parked cars.

With increasing numbers of bicycles and now silent electric cars the possibility of accidents is all too real.

Please use your drive if you have one, or think where you are parking.

It may be a few more steps to your door but pedestrians would appreciate a clear safe path. Thank you.

Joyce Wotherspoon,

Hepscott Manor Farm,