Spotlight on issues

IT was unfortunate to read that the Town Hall toilets have been used inappropriately, leading to extra expense for maintenance and upkeep of the building, especially since the change of use of the Town Hall to a more wedding-focused facility has led to a drastic reduction of the number of the public who actually are able to access the building and use the toilets.

It all goes to show that the decision to restrict access to the public toilets in Morpeth Town Hall wasn’t the success its supporters hoped for.

Hopefully the income generation from commercial activity in the Town Hall can cover the extra cost of upkeep of the building, as it remains an important feature in the town.

When you go around Marks and Spencers food hall or Morrisons at night, you see food items reduced to clearance prices or removed from the shelves and taken from display, due to the strict rules on sell-by dates that such businesses have to follow.

Given that we are in a time when food banks are becoming an increasingly important option for many people, I wonder if the large food retailers support the local food banks?

It is always a shame to waste any food.


Northbourne Avenue,