Supporters intimidated

As one of many of the genuine supporters of the planning application to develop much needed quality homes at Birney Hill Farm, Ponteland, I am dismayed that a ‘public’ meeting was arranged for October 9.

It is clear that those who support this innovative scheme will inevitably be intimidated, or worse, by the Nimbies’ ‘no’ campaign.

I, and others, passionately believe that for the community to have a future we must grow in a way that is sustainable.

Holding a public meeting in this way does nothing but play to those who resist all change and means the voices of those who support the application are lost through a process that is at best intimidating and at worse biased and unfair.

I urge Northumberland County Council to support this application and to ensure the views of those who really care about Ponteland’s future are not lost.


Richmond Way,

Darras Hall,