Thanks for all the support

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I wish to thank my fellow members of the South Morpeth Coalition team who took on Bellway yet again at the recent public inquiry.

This was a mammoth and daunting task that not only entailed the presentation of evidence, being cross examined by a top QC and cross examining Bellway’s expert witnesses in return, but also took many weeks of extensive research and preparation.

Being able to work with such a committed and professional team has been a wonderful experience, despite the burden of community expectation given the result of the previous Inquiry relating to the site south of Loansdean.

Whether or not the decision goes in our favour this time, we all did our very best and I do not think anyone could have done more.

Thank you to David Holden, Pat Snowdon and Paul Jackson for being such a superb group to work with.

I would also like to thank those members of the public who came along to the various sessions over the six days of the inquiry.

Your support was a great encouragement to the team.

Joan Tebbutt,

The Kylins,