This town is open for business

AS Morpeth’s Deputy Mayor I am writing to say that Morpeth is open for business.

Last week there was a lot of media coverage re the town centre’s temporary one-way system that has been installed to allow much-needed works by the various utility services.

It has now been in place for just over a week and apart from a couple of initial teething problems, not helped by a lorry breaking down on the first morning, it is working very well and I have not seen any major chaos or grid lock issues in the past week or so.

As you said in your editorial, it is vitally important that in the next few weeks shoppers continue to support Morpeth and to spread the word.

We have a marvellous range of shops and the small amount of additional queuing time is surely of no consequence in the greater scheme of things.

My thanks also go to Northumberland County Council Highways staff who planned, installed and ‘fine-tuned’ the arrangements last week.


Deputy Mayor

Morpeth Town Council