Time Arriva listened to us

I WAS quite surprised to read the Morpeth Herald’s front-page headline: It’s Bedlam at the bus station.

I wrote to the paper last September regarding the chaos and safety of the schoolchildren, but obviously the county council did not take my letter seriously

Only now, six months later, have they decided to look at the problems, so more meetings will take place.

In the meantime, does a child get killed by a bus reversing, or the public who travel on the buses, put up with being pushed and shoved by the older schoolchildren.

Arriva should be held responsible for this mess. They should have employed a member of their staff to keep some sort of order. After all, it’s only 15 minutes and then the bus station returns to normal.

I also see Arriva is having meetings as it is taking buses off at Amble Links Estate.

Pity it didn’t listen to the petitions of the Pegswood people, who no longer have a bus at the medical centre, and also the petitions from Widdrington Station, where they took the bus off at Grange Court, and guess what, right next to elderly people’s bungalows.

Now, elderly people can’t get a bus to Morpeth or Newcastle without walking a half a mile to the top of the main road.

They have kept the Blyth and Ashington bus, which I might add are always empty of passengers, so the invisible face of Arriva doesn’t listen to the public and just takes buses off when it feels like it.

Come on, Arriva, you are dealing with disabled and elderly people, and young mums with babies.

Have a thought for the more vulnerable people of our society.

I would like an invite to the meeting with the county council as a representative of the public, as it looks like a two-sided meeting.