Actions need explanation

I read the published piece ‘Anger over checks to vehicle in car park’ with interest. (Morpeth Herald, August 27).

I was the witness mentioned in your article who observed this parking warden and her conduct on this day.

I was sitting in my car watching this parking warden taking numerous photographs of the vehicle. She even dropped down onto her knees to take photographs of the underneath of this car. I was starting to wonder if she fancied herself as a budding David Bailey.

I then watched with interest as to how long after photographing and then placing the yellow notice on the screen of this car that she then stayed in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

I watched as she spent a long time looking through every window of this car. She spent much of this time on her mobile phone, still looking through the car windows.

This was not two minutes, this was over ten, and it only stopped when the owner of the car came back.

You had to be there to see it, from start to finish, so that you can begin to understand.

This is exactly where a ‘dashcam’ can really come into its own.

I understand that the council has stated that parking wardens are allowed to look through vehicle windows, yet it would seem it gives no explanation as to what purpose? The exterior angles should more than suffice, so why the interior?

For what reason can it explain that a parking warden has the right to do this at any time, notwithstanding that this went on for over ten minutes?

Is taking photographs and issuing a ticket not enough?

There seems to be a consensus of opinion at County Hall that the car owner should just accept this behaviour and put up with it as some form of unwritten condition of parking their car.

There comes a point where a boundary is crossed.

This was very simple, all this parking warden was required to do was photograph the car, print the ticket, place it on the windscreen and then walk away.

She did not. She went over and beyond that, and she continued to remain at the side of this car.

The final point to make it would seem is that you park your car at your own risk. If it is damaged you are on your own. Protect your car and move it slightly over the white line and the council will penalise you for it.

Wardens can check your vehicle, look through your windows for as long as they wish and you must not complain.

Dare to moan and you are castigated as the villain of the piece. It’s hardly a warm welcome to Morpeth is it?

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