We’re doing just fine

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Prompted by items on the letters page in the Herald, an open letter to the Morpeth Jeremiah Society.

Morpeth is a lovely town, probably doing better in these difficult times than several of its counterparts in the north of England.

And, yet, we seem to have more than a few Prophets of Doom (Jeremiahs), who regularly appear to tell us how bad things are and jump at the chance to inform everyone that disaster is just around the corner.

Who, given the chance to say something negative, will always grasp the opportunity with both hands.

One of your members even went so far as to comically suggest that parking charges were originally introduced to the town in order to manage traffic.

When, in fact, it was to provide a further revenue stream, to aid a dangerously failing council budget and followed a substantial sale of the town’s assets (that’s, about to go bust, for those who like plain language).

Well, here are a few words to disturb your day.

The Bridge Street traffic lights are not coming back.

Free parking (time controlled) is soon to be here, with simple, fair enforcement.

The pavement work on Bridge Street is well ahead of schedule.

It hasn’t snowed, it’s almost spring, it looks like being an awful spring for Jeremiahs, thank goodness.


Thorp Avenue,