We’ve done a lot for Morpeth

As a long-serving Lib Dem Town Councillor, I read John Beynon’s letter to your paper (February 20) with increasing ire.

So John Beynon believes that the Libs Dems have consistently failed to Stand up for Morpeth?

How insulting to the Libs Dems on the Town Council as well as those at the County Council who have worked tirelessly to ensure Morpeth’s success, even through the last recession.

I remind him that we have always worked with any organisation that has Morpeth’s best interests at heart and will continue to do so.

Seven years ago, the Lib Dems became the largest party on Morpeth Town Council and even then we anticipated that by 2014, the Town Council would have to take over running many services that were then provided by the Borough Council (now the County Council) and how right we were.

Were we failing Morpeth by strengthening the council’s staff team as well as its financial and business procedures in preparation for what has come to pass?

Are we wrong to continue to finance and run Morpeth’s stupendously successful Britain in Bloom campaigns?

Are we wrong to work with any organisation or person who is working for Morpeth’s future?

Are we failing to support Morpeth by ensuring that the Town Hall is a successful events and Wedding venue, as well as the proper home for the Town Council?

Is taking over running most of Morpeth’s allotments so giving them statutory protection against development failing Morpeth?

Are we failing Morpeth by supporting the Markets?

When the County Council made the money available to carry out the flood alleviation scheme, which will protect hundreds of properties from future flooding, did the Liberal Democrat administration at County Hall fail Morpeth?

As a group we got to the heart of government on this issue - just how much more standing up for Morpeth could we have done on this issue?

When I became Mayor two years ago, my opening speech defined how I and the council wanted to ensure Morpeth’s continuing success.

When Morpeth was subjected to the first tranche of major roadworks two years ago, I went on local radio many times getting the message across that Morpeth was ‘open for business’. Were those actions failing Morpeth?

All the Lib Dem chairmen and subsequent Mayors have spent their years in office representing Morpeth all over the UK.

In the last election, the political make-up of the Town Council changed and yet all councillors still work together doing our best for Morpeth.

Indeed Coun Robertson’s very positive letter in the Herald two weeks ago was most welcome.

Intelligent people and organisations must alter their positions and policies to reflect changing situations and the council’s vote on the free car parking this time round proves this.

For the past two years Coun Ken Brown has been heading up the group that is preparing Morpeth’s Neighbourhood Plan – a document which should guide the development of Morpeth over the next decade. How is he failing Morpeth?

So come on John - not only have Lib Dems in Morpeth always stood up for Morpeth – we’ve gone much further and DELIVERED for Morpeth!


Lib Dem Town Councillor for Stobhill