Welcome addition

As a Chantry parent, I would like to say how reassuring it is to see our new crossing attendant, John, on duty every morning and afternoon and wish him every success in his new job.

I have been along to welcome him in person and thank him for his work to ensure the safety of our children.

I would respectfully ask all parents to support John in his new role and park considerately when dropping off and collecting their children.

Of course, the best place for school parents to park to avoid increasing the congestion of the Mitford Road is the Rugby Club car park.

Until recently, this was in a very bad condition with some very large potholes which made you afraid for your car wheels.

I would like to thank Mr Lynn of Morpeth Rugby Club and his employer, Colas, for the public spirit they have shown by filling in the potholes for free.

The car park is greatly improved and I for one am very grateful.


Town Councillor and Chantry parent