Well beyond the basics

I VISITED the Snowy Owl (Cramlington) this week and thought they deserved a mention.

I often go out to lunch and am always interested to find new places that are clean, have a good service and are truly accessible for myself and my dog for the disabled Jo.

I can sometimes be a little disappointed on arrival to a new place as I find the entrance itself has steps up and then more steps inside it or toilet is not accessible or I feel a burden because staff are busy and need to find a suitable table for myself and my dog.

Not so with the Snowy Owl, it was a pleasure visiting and eating in this pub.

The entrance on arrival was ramped, the service was excellent, the food was superb, the toilet accessible and named easy access toilet instead of usual disabled.

Why I was so impressed was because they seemed to have gone beyond just doing the basics in terms of accessibility for disabled people.

I hope your readers give it a go. If there is anywhere your readers think I should try, I would be very pleased to give any suggestion a go.