What about Pete the Pedestrian?

During financial year 2012 - 2013, pay and display ticket machines for Morpeth’s 1,097 car parking spaces generated £713,315.43: Another formula we might use to determine how generous a personal transport subsidy to the car commuter ‘free’ parking is.

£650 a year. Worth having, I’d say.

Oddly, no justification has been ventured by Morpeth’s car user lobby for this workers’ subsidy being exclusive to those choosing to commute by car.

Odd, because those who commute to work in Morpeth other than by car need to feed and clothe themselves no less than car commuters and are no less likely than car commuters to do their shopping in Morpeth.

They would, I’m sure, happily receive their personal transport subsidy in the form of vouchers redeemable only in Morpeth shops, if that would help swing it with Toad of Town Hall.

We’ve heard rather more than enough from Clarence the Car-Dependent Lion and co-religionists in recent years.

Perhaps we could hear something from Pete the Pedestrian Potto, Buster the Bus-Riding Bonobo, Trish the Train -Travelling Tamarin and Bart the Bicycling Bandicoot.

Can they pick up their £650, in whatever form, from the same distribution points as the ‘free’ parking discs?

No? Where then?

Paul Walker,

Widdrington Station