What price lost trust?

I refer to the joint letter from the Liberal Democrat members of Morpeth Town Council, published in last week’s Herald.

Firstly, can I say that I find it both sad and disappointing that at the first sign of conflict or difficulty we see party political lines being drawn.

It is disappointing in the extreme, when so much has been said by all concerned about politics having no place in local government.

Secondly, to produce such a letter, based on such a flawed, incomplete and inaccurate range of information, is little more than the worst sort of scaremongering.

Yes, the implications for the town are potentially serious, they are also far from clear. To suggest that the County Hall site can accommodate 2,000 houses is plain silly. No timescale has been proposed for the decentralisation (it certainly can not be instant). No indication of where the (reportedly), nine new locations are supposed to be has been given.

A site valuation of £130,000,000 has been bandied about, that’s about as realistic as the 2,000 houses. And all of this without any real substance.

What price lost trust? We will find out in 2014 perhaps as the after effects of political deception and disinformation sink in.

On the plus side it should be noted by the authors of our current disappointment, that the people of Morpeth are measurably less prone to take things lying down, than they may have been in the past.

Perhaps it’s time for accountability to become more fashionable and pointless prevarication less so?


Independent Town Councillor, North Ward