What value in schools move to Loansdean?

In your lead article describing the saga of the relocation of County Hall as ‘a dog’s breakfast’, (Herald, June 11) county council leader Grant Davey stated that ‘we’re committed to delivering a value-for-money project.’.

I wonder if he read the story on page 14 about the success of the Three Rivers Trust in obtaining £3.5million towards improving facilities at Morpeth schools, and can he explain how the plan to move the schools to Loansdean will contribute to ‘value for money’?

(For more on the plans to move schools to Loansdean, click here)

The investment obtained by the Three Rivers Trust from the Education Funding Agency is not only being used to upgrade the fabric of the buildings, it has given the town the best music facility in the county and new science labs that are only just being commissioned. It would be a criminal waste of taxpayers’ money if all of this was abandoned because a bunch of short-sighted politicians are desperately trying to favour Ashington.

However, moving the schools would not only waste money. Think of the consequences of schoolchildren travelling from all corners of the town (including new developments at Fairmoor and St George’s) morning and evening. And what would happen to the old school sites and the under-used athletics facility at KEVI? More houses?

Councillor Davey, when you are in a hole, stop digging.

Alan Davison