When it’s rich to criticise

IN response to David Woodard’s Letter, Thursday, January 30, can I say it is very rich of someone to call a party organisation who, due to the £130million-plus over the next four years being imposed on them by cuts from his Lib Dem and the Tory government, to criticise a pledge of another party, the same pledge that was consulted on and was supported by those areas.

David Woodard was the same Lib Dem who introduced parking charges on the people of Morpeth but not on the people of Ponteland when he was a Ponteland borough councillor for Castle Morpeth.

The same Lib Dem council party that introduced the parking in Morpeth to make the people of Morpeth pay for the privilege of using their own shopping streets.

The same Lib Dems and their then supporters who hide behind the Labour group on Castle Morpeth to say it was the Labour Group that introduce the parking charges. A group of Labour councillors that numbered eight in total at the time.

No wonder there has been opposition to parking charges.

As for the Government grant, why has he and his fellow Lib Dems not playing hell about the grant cuts and standing up to the cuts or were they happy to receive pennies and lose pounds?


Representing the seven parishes of the Pegswood Ward